Cubbi Back to Back Booth

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    Cubbi Side by Side Booth

    Product Code: SCE1A3
    Description: 800mm back-to-back double acoustic booth with MFC work surface
    Certification: BS EN 1021-1:2006. BS EN 1021-2:2006

    Visual, territorial or acoustic privacy modules

    Cubbi acoustic enclosures are a range of free-standing, sound absorbing modules, providing the user with an enclosed space, offering visual privacy and reduced noise levels. The perfect space for focusing and to escape from a busy environment. Cubbi are designed to assist those who require either a short period of time in which to focus their concentration or for a complete day of intensive work.

    Available in two variants; add benches for shorter periods of work and can be utilised as a phone or video conference booth. Or remove benches & include task chairs to provide additional isolation and create the ideal retreat, for longer periods of intense concentration. Available with power, data modules & full cable management facilities. Booths available in both 800mm & 1200mm depths. Back-tob-back booth, no benches.


    Group 3£4790.40Height1443mm
    Group 4£4884.00Width3200mm
    Group 5£5073.00Depth900mm
    Group 6£5876.40Weight268kg